There are over 20 steps in “Creating” your company. Online service providers will do the first 3. It is the other 80% that makes your business successful and on the firm foundation needed.
Online providers will sell you on business creation by offering to file your paperwork with the Secretary of State for where the business will be operating. Great – what does that mean – does it mean I have a business? No

It means that you have paid someone to file paperwork with the State to say you have the intent of becoming a business. But you are not a business. But once you file the paperwork, you are subject to taxation.

The paperwork says that I am the owner of “Acme Retail Paper Co.” Yes, it does. But is Acme Retail Paper Co properly registered with the other tax reporting entities?
I got an FEIN from the online provider. So I must be a real business.

No, you got an FEIN so the Federal Government will know how to track you for income reporting – that is not necessarily a business.

There are over 20 steps involved in properly setting up a business (either corporation or LLC). What you have done is “Registered” your business with the IRS and the Secretary of State.

Let us help you be successful and get your business started on firm foundation. Not worrying about the letters that arrive 6 months later because you did not complete steps 4-20.

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