Running a small business is a rewarding occupation, but new entrepreneurs need to keep in mind some small-business horror stories and take the lessons to heart. The experts at Numbers House will help your small business avoid some of these blunders that turned dreams into nightmares.

Business Problems

Here are some issues to watch out for:

  1. Payroll problems. A few instances of missed payrolls can send your talented team packing in a hurry. The Numbers House’s payroll services can relieve executives of the administrative burden of payroll administration, letting them concentrate on bringing in the money.
  2. Stolen records. One startup horror story involves a small business that was the target of burglars and vandals. Records and computers were stolen and servers were destroyed. The Numbers House can help you sleep easier knowing your accounting and payroll services are being administered safely offsite.
  3. Bad bookkeepers. Missed tax payments, lack of reconciliation, improper invoicing, missed vendor payments, and improper withholding are very real bookkeeping concerns for small business owners. Make sure you thoroughly vet your accountants and oversee their work on a regular basis. That will never be a problem with Numbers House. Our expert bookkeepers will never miss a beat. Our business is helping your grow your business, not causing you problems.
  4. Paying too much in taxes. Small business owners face substantial tax burdens. It pays to plan for the year ahead to ensure you’re minimizing your taxable income. This could involve short-term measures like contributing to tax-free retirement accounts or making the long-term decision to restructure your company. Our small business experts can help.

We Can Help

Avoid these potential mistakes. Contact Numbers House today to see what payroll, bookkeeping and accounting services we can provide to help your small business grow. Call Numbers House at (865) 294-7300 or email us at

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