You’ve been thinking about starting a business for years. It’s time to finally do it. Resolve to finally start your own business in 2019.

Why Start a Business?

We realize starting your business is a big leap, but there’s a reason you want to do it. Need more motivation? Consider these advantages of owning a business:

  1. Make more money. You’re the boss, and you determine your salary and profit share. All things being equal, you are going to make more money than working for someone else.
  2. Give back. You can provide jobs to help your local economy. Small businesses can also be conduits for good works, such as having your employees volunteer at an animal shelter.
  3. Set your own agenda. You decide your company’s purpose, budget, behavior, and all other aspects of its operation.
  4. Job security. No one can fire you. You’re the boss. You need to ensure you have a steady income, of course.
  5. Throw out the typical corporate playbook. It’s your business and you can do whatever you want. Work with outside artists or your own team to craft the advertising, branding, and online content you want.
  6. Set your own schedule and take vacations whenever you want. Work from home, or just take a day off. You won’t need permission.

Don’t get us wrong. Owning and operating a business is hard work. It takes time to build your business and fully reap the benefits; however, once it’s humming along, all that labor will be worth it.

How We Can Help

Numbers House can help make starting a business easier than you might realize. Our turnkey business startup services free you from the administrative nightmare of preparing and filing all state and local licenses and permits. We’ll prepare and file your application for a Federal Employer Identification Number and develop a solid operating agreement for your business.

Once you’re up and running, we can help streamline your business with payroll and bookkeeping services So, go ahead and take the plunge in the New Year. Make a resolution to follow your dream in 2019. We’ll get you started and accompany you on the journey. Call Numbers House at (865) 294-7300 or email us at

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